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  • Trump on Ann Coulter right-wing commentator who has been critical of the president's actions on immigration i don't know her [3]
  • Ann hart Coulter born december 8 1961 is an american far-right media pundit syndicated columnist and lawyer [1]
  • Coulter has expressed her opposition to treatment of lgbt People in the countries of cuba People's republic of china and saudi arabia [1]
  • President Trump mentioned Coulter in his friday emergency declaration speech saying He hardly knows her and hasn't spoken to her in way over a year. [3]
  • Ann Coulter who wrote an excellent book by the way [5]
  • More Ann Coulter and hannity the off-topic things Trump said in national emergency speech [4]
  • In 2015 Coulter had a cameo as the vice president in the made-for-tv movie sharknado 3 oh hell no [1]
  • In slander Coulter argues that president george w [1]
  • Coulter strongly opposes the immigration and nationality act of 1965 [1]
  • Coulter has criticized former president george w [1]
  • Coulter published her eleventh book adios america the left's plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole on june 1 2015 [1]
  • She said the president was fooling the rubes with a national emergency. forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave Coulter said [3]
  • Opinion limbaugh Coulter and friends bullied Trump into shutdown [4]
  • In his book isikoff also reported Coulter as saying we were terrified that jones would settle [1]
  • Coulter we knew Trump was a con man liar [5]


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Coulter was

  • At michigan Coulter Was President of the local chapter of the federalist society and Was trained at the national journalism center [1]
  • At the 2011 cpac during her question-and-answer segment Coulter Was asked about goproud and the controversy over their inclusion at the 2011 cpac [1]
  • Accused of anti-semitism in an october 8 2007 interview with donny deutsch on the big idea [1]
  • Highly critical in 2002 of the u.s [1]
  • Raised by a catholic father and protestant mother [1]

Coulter is

  • The author of twelve books including many that have appeared on with a combined 3 million copies sold as of may2009 [1]
  • As an advocate of the white genocide conspiracy theory [1]
  • A christian and belongs to the presbyterian denomination [1]

Coulter opposes

  • Same-sex marriage Opposes obergefell v [1]
  • Publicly funded sex reassignment surgery [1]
  • Hate crime laws calling them unconstitutional [1]

Coulter strongly

  • Opposes the Immigration and nationality act of 1965 [1]
  • Supports continuing the war on drugs [1]

Coulter also

  • Wrote weekly columns for the conservative magazine human events between 1998 and 2003 with occasional columns thereafter [1]
  • Opposes civil unions and privatizing marriage [1]

Trump said

  • More ann Coulter and hannity the off-topic things Trump Said in national emergency speech [4]
  • They don't decide policy Trump Said in response. [4]
  • He ultimately believes.. [3]

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