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  • Kirk seems to be getting through to palamas when Apollo summons her back [3]
  • Montgomery scott is flirting with lieutenant carolyn palamas on the bridge while Kirk and mccoy lightly tease him [3]
  • Apollo instructs Kirk to begin making arrangements for the remaining crew to come down to the planet [1]
  • This is the first of two times in tos season 2 that Kirk tells an Enterprise crewmember He has earned his pay for the week [3]
  • Although Kirk says to Apollo mankind has no need for gods [3]
  • Kirk shows some remorse remarking that humans owe their moral code to the greek civilization - and thereby in all likelihood to Apollo and his kind [1]
  • Kirk orders spock to fire on the power source [1]
  • Kirk leads a landing party that includes lieutenant carolyn palamas leslie parrish [1]
  • Changing to an enormous height Apollo looks down at Kirk and the crew and in a loud booming voice He intones [3]
  • Kirk takes carolyn aside and tells her that She must reject Apollo to save them all from slavery [1]
  • All the other gods Apollo tells Kirk died of loneliness when they left their home of mount olympus [4]
  • After He is gone mccoy and Kirk regret what they had to do [3]
  • If his plan does not work Kirk notes the Enterprise crew had better get used to herding goats [3]
  • Captain Kirk orders that the Enterprise reverse all engines but the hand manages to hold the ship anyway [3]
  • Kirk meets jfk [3]


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  • Kirk
  • Mccoy
  • Spock
  • Michael forest
  • Carolyn
  • Scott
  • Adonais
  • Leslie parrish
  • Video
  • James doohan

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Apollo is

  • Kirk's plan to provoke Apollo Is frustrated when carolyn intervenes to protect the landing party [1]
  • Mccoy notes that although Apollo Is generally a standard humanoid he has a mysterious extra organ in his chest [3]
  • The guy and he has infinite power [2]

Apollo to

  • Kirk takes carolyn aside and tells her that she must reject Apollo To save them all from slavery [1]
  • She must spurn Apollo To do otherwise condemns the crew To nothing less than slavery [3]
  • A traveling matte was used To allow a giant Apollo To appear with the landing party in the foreground at the end of act one [3]

Kirk orders

  • Spock to fire on the power source [1]
  • Captain Kirk Orders that the Enterprise reverse all engines but the hand manages to hold the ship anyway [3]
  • Uhura to send word to starbase 12 [3]

Kirk reminds

  • Her of her duty once more before she disappears [3]
  • Her of her loyalty to humanity since that is where her duty and his lie [3]


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